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Are you an avid chef or baker looking for professional kitchen equipment? Maybe you’re a parent or a student searching for something to make those mid-week meals easier? Or are you a caffeine addict on the hunt for the next best brand of flavored coffee to try? Here at CookingPlanIt, we’ve got you covered. We provide authentic, trustworthy opinions on the latest cooking products and equipment.

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We review everything from apple peelers to stand mixers. Whether you need something to help out with the Sunday Roast, or you’re a baking extraordinaire, we’ll remove the headache that comes with online shopping and help you find the best product for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sticking to a budget, looking for the best value for money, or eyeing up something more premium, we’re sure to have something that’s right up your street. Have a browse through all our equipment reviews to find what you’re looking for.